What does the Center for Music Therapy do?

At the Center for Music Therapy facility here in Austin, we have three distinct treatment programs.

1. Sync'd Gym and Rehab which specializes in the intensive treatment of adults with a movement disorder such as Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Stroke or Parkinson's Disease. We offer physical therapy and music therapy through our:
a. Circuit class using whole body movement
b. Treadmill training program utilizing state of the art technology and synchronized music to improve your walking
c. Amp'd class to increase your voice, cognitive and upper extremety strength
d. Tun'd to support and strengthen the emotional aspects of living with a physical disability.

This innovative program takes baseline measures to clearing establish whether you this program is appropriate for you and to understand such things as how you are moving and currently functioning. We retake baseline measures after your semester is completed. We then discuss with you what worked, or did not work, to establish how you achieved your progress and how you are to maintain these gains throughout the year. You recheck in on average one time a year to see if you are maintaining your functioning. If you need ongoing intensive work due to having a more aggressive disease trajectory we have classes offered 4 semesters throughout the year with price points which are less than most of your insurance co payments and your Medicare doughnut hole requirement to keep yourself working towards the goals your have set to maintain for your life's balance. To learn more about our Sync'd program please go the the Sync'd link at the top of our website.

2. Individual Music Therapy Treatment. In our traditional music therapy services we see a lot of children and adults with developmental disabilities, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimers and head injuries. Many of the patients we see with developmental disabilities have diagnoses of sensory processing disorder, autism, cerebral palsy or cognitive impairments. In individual work we often focus on addressing goals related to communication and motor skills. Depending on your individual skills levels, we address skills such as improving eye contact and/or communicating preferences. Many clients have limited verbal abilities and are working on using signs, gestures or limited verbal responses to express wants and needs during the session. Being able to sustain attention to a specific task for a set duration of time is also a significant goal of to improve cognitive processing. Patients are encouraged to choose between musical activities and to remain engaged in a musical experience for a set duration. Because music is such an enjoyable experience, clients are motivated to participate and stretch their usual ability to focus on one specific task. When holding attention is difficult; music provides a much needed connection and stimulation. Additionally, participating in a music making experience fosters empathy and relationship building skills, the development of fine and gross motor skills, whether it is using fingers to manipulate small percussion instruments or moving the entire body with the rhythm of the music. As clients progress, or for those already at higher abilities, taking a leadership role in the music making can help build skills in self-direction, social interaction, and developing verbal communication skills. Clients participate in a variety of activities such as moving to music, playing small percussion instruments, drumming, playing the piano, and singing or imitating vocalizations in the context of a song depending on a person's abilities.

3. Health for a Song! $65.00 per month membership fee. Creates a financially sustainable access to therapy and support.
We have two seperate tracks of support.
a. Steppin Out! Therapist supervised exercise classes for person's with movement related health issues. Physical Therapy classes for those who can stand and move independently and Music Therapy classes for seated exercise for those with balance and/or cognitive issues. Drumming, Tai Chi, Singing and other beneficial classes throughout the week.
b. Club BT-The "Be There!" experience. It is a social club for adults who have grown up with a development delay to have healthy, active, adult social lives and relationships by getting together with old and new friends weekly. It's "Cheers" where everybody knows your name and is always glad you came. The Club holds weekly Thursday Karaoke nights,Friday Dance Nights. The Thursday early evening performance class meets to work on plays, building music or acting/stage performance skills, production skills (i.e. props, lighting, directing, etc.) The Club holds monthly events such a New Year's Party, Valentine's Formal, Cinco DeMayo, Beach Party!, an unofficial SXSW Live concert and more! Members birthday's are celebrated the last Friday of every month with cake and 1 gift per member. Members are allowed to bring family and friends to their birthday night. For more information on our Health for a Song programs find us on Facebook at Steppin Out! OR Club BT!